Small, Private, Executive Education Programs for Companies and Groups.

Remote Learning, Hybrid, and In-Person Delivery Options

Value Proposition for Learners

For professionals who want to work on achieving the best version of their professional selves so they can advance their careers, MDI.TOKYO offers premium learning experiences that leverage contents and teaching techniques from the best business schools in the world, facilitated by a professor with 20 years of university teaching experience.

Value Proposition for Companies

For companies that want to develop their employees so they can think, communicate, collaborate, and manage themselves and others in ways that better contribute to organizational performance, MDI.TOKYO offers premium learning experiences that leverage the best approaches to Learning & Development and Executive Education.

Value Proposition for Groups

For groups (e.g. professional associations, chambers of commerce, local alumni chapters, etc.) that want to create new value for their members, MDI.TOKYO offers premium learning experiences that are social, transformative, and fun.

MBA-style Learning & Development experiences, designed to global standards.

The Young Professionals Development Program (YPDP) is a part-time, 6-month certificate program in business offered by MDI.TOKYO.

Young Professionals Development Program (YPDP)

This Program combines the professional development techniques used by top-tier business schools to prepare newly admitted MBA students for transformative learning with the best elements of a) techniques for training practicing managers through experience and reflection, and b) case-based approaches to learning. Learn More