“At MDI.TOKYO you will be pushed to see yourself and the world in new ways as you work hard to acquire new skills and knowledge, expand your network, and achieve the best version of your professional self.”

Traditional business education providers often manage to rankings and accreditation. This can cause them to become “stuck in the middle,” particularly if their organizational structure is not aligned with their strategy.

MDI.TOKYO differentiates itself by focusing on quality of experience and consistently delivering on our brand promise so we can delight professionals in Tokyo who are passionate about learning.

Our Positioning Statement

“For professionals in Tokyo

Who want to work on achieving the best version of their professional selves,

MDI.TOKYO offers professional development Programs and open-enrollment Courses

That deliver premium learning experiences.

 Unlike traditional business education providers who manage toward rankings and teach the way faculty want to teach

… MDI.TOKYO Programs & Courses focus on quality of experience and are carefully designed to reflect the way that teams of adult Learners want to learn while imparting the skills Employers want to hire.

At MDI.TOKYO learning is social, transformative, and fun!

8 Reasons Why MDI.TOKYO is Different

Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Negotiation Focus

Our Programs and Courses are focused on Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Negotiation. This focus helps you acquire the skills, knowledge and network you need to drive processes related to new value creation and growth in your organization. And, this focus helps MDI.TOKYO deliver learning experiences that delight professionals.

A Culture That Embraces Collaboration, Creativity, & Diversity

Value creation in the digital era requires embracing an open, creative, diverse Culture that embraces risk, tolerates failure (with learning), and produces new ideas and new processes for commercializing them. MDI.TOKYO stakeholders are collaborative, and embrace creativity and diversity, broadly defined.

Learning Teams

First innovated at Wharton, MDI.TOKYO uses Learning Teams in most Programs and Courses. Learning Team members forge close bonds while collaborating to complete assignments such as Case Analysis Memos and Presentations during their Program or Course.

Soft Skills Acquisition

MDI.TOKYO Programs and Courses are designed with the objective of helping you acquire the soft skills that Employers demand: Critical Thinking Skills, Communication Skills, Team Work Skills, Leadership Skills, and Ethical Reasoning Skills.

Did you know that MDI.TOKYO employs innovative approaches to admissions?

For example, HR Professionals and Managers with responsibility for L&D who join our Talent Development Network can reserve seats for their employees to attend Programs and Courses with Private Reserve Tracks. Admissions decisions for these tracks are made by Talent Development Network representatives who are sponsoring their employees’ participation.  

And, self-sponsored individuals can be admitted to Programs and Courses via Powered by MDI.TOKYO – Group Tracks. In a Group Track, a Community Organizer who is interested in having MDI.TOKYO deliver a Program or Course to their group (e.g. Chamber of Commerce members, networking groups, alumni groups, etc). can reserve a Powered by MDI.TOKYO – Group Track. The Community Organizer is in charge of admissions (but MDI.TOKYO is happy to offer advice). 

Global Mindset

Learning in English with a diverse cohort of Participants at MDI.TOKYO helps you to develop the Global Mindset and intercultural competencies required to more effectively collaborate with, follow, manage, and lead fellow value creators across borders and cultures.

Transformative Learning Experiences

MDI.TOKYO Programs and Courses are transformative learning experiences that change the way you see yourself, what you believe about the world, and/or how you conduct yourself in the world.


MDI.TOKYO’s location in central Tokyo offers a unique setting for transformative learning experiences. Home to 38 million inhabitants and the center of corporate, political, and bureaucratic power in the world’s third largest economy – Tokyo is a living laboratory for testing new ideas about leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Work-Friendly Designs

MDI.TOKYO Programs and Courses are designed to complement regular work schedules and keep Participants engaged and Employers happy. Most Learning Sessions meet on Weeknights or Saturdays. Our learning designs incorporate a manageable study pace with scope for reflection, and the ability to work steadily and mindfully toward realizing the best version of your professional self.

Did you know that most of our Courses finish within 90 days?

This means that if you reside outside Japan, you may be able to come to Tokyo on a 90-day visitor visa and stay long enough to complete the Course, make new friends, and experience the best that Tokyo has to offer. 

Re-Imagining Business Education

To learn and cultivate the skills of the future workforce, [learners] need to possess mindsets that will help them achieve success. How colleges and universities [and other education services providers] adapt legacy teaching models to encourage these mindsets in students and help them meet the demands of the 21st century economy is perhaps the great­est challenge facing higher education today.” — Jeff Selingo

MDI.TOKYO is helping redefine the standard for excellence in business education for the 21st century…


(Tradtional Schools)
  • Focus on Outputs: Number of Students Who Pass all Required Tests and Assignments.

  • Instructors: Sage on the stage; teacher talks and learners listen.

  • Culture: Bureaucratic; rules; plans; tests; “not allowed to do it” attitude.

  • Strategy: Manage to rankings; maintain accreditation.

  • Values: Cost cutting; efficiency.

  • Classroom Climate: Top-down; students are ranked and graded by the instructor.


  • Focus on Outcomes: Foster a passion for learning; growth mindset; knowledge and skills acquisition.

  • Instructors: “Guide on the side”; helping Learners develop through active-, participant-centered learning designs.

  • Culture: Co-creation, collaboration, embrace the flow of a well-designed learning process.

  • Strategy: Do what is in the best, shared interests of Learners, Employers and Society; market validation > accreditation.

  • Values: Challenge the status quo; always be learning; create new value.

  • Classroom Climate: peer-to-peer; instructor leads, nurtures, and guides from below; Learners are empowered to own their learning process and outcomes.

Our Secret Sauce

MDI.TOKYO is aligning its Culture and the Science of Learning with the interests of professionals and employers…

By leveraging intrinsic- and extrinsic-motivators, the Science of Learning, a supportive and collaborative culture, and participant-centered, active learning techniques in order to drive better learning outcomes,

MDI.TOKYO Programs & Courses provide meaningful, transformative learning experiences for people who

  • are passionate about acquiring new business skills and knowledge;

  • have a desire to add to their Leadership Toolkit and expand their professional network; and

  • want to leverage learning and leadership to create new value for their organizations and society, and to advance in their careers.

Are you ready to begin your learning journey?