Our Vision

MDI.TOKYO will be recognized as one of the world’s most innovative and impactful professional education, executive education, and lifelong learning service providers whose offerings produce leaders who help shape the future of business, government, and society.

Our Mission

The Mission of MDI.TOKYO is to develop professionals who are prepared to manage, negotiate, find and solve problems, innovate, inspire, and engage in ethical, entrepreneurial approaches to value creation.

MDI.TOKYO helps learners achieve the best version of their professional self through transformative learning experiences.

Our Strategy

MDI.TOKYO accomplishes its mission by

1. recruiting and selecting for admission to its Programs and Courses learners who are committed to personal and professional development,
2. transforming them with carefully designed educational experiences that leverage high quality contents, the science of learning, and social networks,
3. measuring outcomes with a view to continuous improvement, and
4. positioning our learners within a cultivated network of alumni with shared values and a bias toward value-creating action.

Our Outcomes

Through the careful execution of its Strategy, MDI.TOKYO seeks to co-create premium, transformative, social learning experiences that subsequently enable learners to create and claim new value for their organizations and advance in their careers. This strategy will be sustained in the medium- and long-term through the cultivation of a strong culture, compelling vision, and shared values.

Are you ready to begin working on the best version of your professional self?