Former students describe our learning experiences in their own words.

01. Japan

“I learned so much by taking three of Prof. Hackett’s courses. And, I even enrolled in a fourth course with Prof. Hackett after I had graduated. His courses offer opportunities for good discussion about innovation and management. Now, I am using what I learned while working in the venture business space.”

– Hiroaki Watatani, MBA.

02. India 

“Prof. Hackett’s courses were the courses I enjoyed most during my studies in Japan.”

– Santhosh Kumar, MBA.

03. Sweden

“I took five Courses with Prof. Hackett. I learned theory, and how to apply it in the real world. Specifically, I used what I learned to help reshape my family business’ online strategy. This resulted in a 42% y-o-y increase in revenue from online purchases.

– Ronnie Sandström, MBA.

04. USA

“Professor Hackett’s courses were some of the most insightful and enriching learning experiences I’ve ever had.”

– Joe Hahn, MBA.

05. Germany

“Prof. Hackett’s courses teach you how to think deeply about business challenges.”

– Marianne Bonev, M.Sc. – International Business.

06. Taiwan

“Prof. Hackett’s class was one of the most inspiring classes during my 2 year MBA program.”

– Shosei KO, MBA.

07. Romania

“I took 3 courses with Prof. Hackett in the fields of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The courses helped me to understand diverse industries and gave me the opportunity to practice and develop thought processes in strategic situations. I was able to apply that knowledge and experience in my post-merger integration work, including when I had to make recommendations to executive leadership.”

– Corina Stan, MBA.

08. Peru

“I’ve had the pleasure to take Entrepreneurship, Negotiation, and Innovation courses with Prof. Hackett. I’ve applied what I learned in his courses to the creation of three very successful products for my company that are revolutionizing the local market.”

– Fernando Ma, MBA.

09. Thailand

“Prof. Hackett specializes in educating students through effective design thinking and integrative thinking approaches. I use what I learned in his courses to strategically prioritize projects and scale a team. This recently resulted in 108% YoY growth in projects’ deliverables.”

– Panjapol Wariratanaroj, MBA.

10. Germany

“I benefited greatly from Prof. Hackett’s courses and I am confident future participants in MDI.TOKYO Programs and Courses will benefit similarly.”

– Max Mull, MBA.

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