At the beginning of your MDI.TOKYO Learning Journey, you are assigned to a Section Cohort, a group of approximately 45 – 60 Participants (varies depending on demand and choice of Program or Course) with whom you will complete your Program or Course.

At MDI.TOKYO we seek diversity and inclusion at the Learning Team level. Diverse, inclusive teams are more likely 1) to identify and consider complex problems from multiple perspectives, 2) to challenge one another to be more creative and innovative in the way they generate ideas and develop solutions, 3) to make better decisions, and 4) to be more successful in completing their tasks.

When assigning Learning Teams to a Section Cohort, we seek alignment at the level of learning motivations, expectations or goals. This means that a Section Cohort might have many participants from similar or related industries, they might share demographic similarities, or they might occupy the same place on their respective career ladders.

Every time a Learning Session is held, your Section Cohort will meet in person.

A Typical Section Cohort in BSOP/Open Enrollment Courses

… consists of approximately 9 Learning Teams and a Section Cohort Instructor.

Most Programs and Courses use learning designs that drive learning at the individual, Learning Team, and Section Cohort levels.

In practical terms, this means that before each Learning Session you and your fellow Learning Team members will work hard to solve the assigned case study. You will then come to a Learning Session only to find that other Learning Teams addressed the key issue in the case study with different, unique approaches that challenge the wisdom and validity of your own solution.

This forces you to dig deeper, challenge your assumptions, and sharpen your thinking. The figure below depicts the organization of a typical Section Cohort.