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MDI.TOKYO Tagline:

Achieving the best version of your professional self.

 Short Branded Messages:

  • At MDI.TOKYO we take the best bits of business school and optimize them for Professional Learning & Development, Executive Education, and Lifelong Learning.
  • While traditional business schools offer breadth and learning at a breakneck pace, MDI.TOKYO offers focused learning at a measured pace… perfect for learning deeply while maintaining a work/life balance.
  • At MDI.TOKYO we solve for learners and their employers.
  • At MDI.TOKYO we make learning social, transformative, and fun!
  • MDI.TOKYO helps learners achieve the best version of their professional self through transformative learning experiences.
  • At MDI.TOKYO our Programs and Courses are grounded in the Science of Learning and feature premium contents, face-to-face learning sessions, Learning Teams, and a manageable study pace that allows time for reflection and personal & professional development.
  • Corporate Partners who join our Talent Development Network get access to Talent Development Network – Private Reserve Tracks.
  • At MDI.TOKYO we are creating new demand for high-quality, transformative Learning & Development experiences.

Medium Branded Message:

Make something people want.

– Paul Graham | Y Combinator
MDI.TOKYO’s Vision is to become one of the world’s most innovative and impactful professional education, executive education, and lifelong learning service providers.
We take the best practices of top business schools from around the world and re-purpose them for busy professionals who share our values and a passion for lifelong learning.
Our offerings are focused on Innovation, EntrepreneurshipNegotiation, and Cross-Cultural Management, and we seek to contribute to the development of leaders who help shape the future of business, government, and society through the design and delivery of transformative learning experiences.
We help learners to enjoy meaningful learning experiences while acquiring business skills and knowledge. To achieve this goal, we “do things that don’t scale.” Specifically, we focus on delivering effective learning designs, where effective is viewed from the perspective of the learner.
Our approach is very different from the factory model of education that discourages and disengages many learners around the world. The factory model of education is overly bureaucratic, and focuses on efficient learning designs, where efficiency is viewed from the perspective of the instructor and the administrator. The factory model makes use of numerous measurements, which, if taken in service of learning, could be a good thing. However, factory model measurements are frequently used in violation of Goodhart’s Law.
At MDI.TOKYO we will never embrace the factory model of education.

Longer Branded Message:

MDI.TOKYO aligns the best bits of top, global business school experiences with the science of learning and the speed, collaborative spirit, and risk-taking of a startup.

MDI.TOKYO is not a traditional business school. Launched in beta mode in 2017, MDI.TOKYO is the quintessential post-modern management education services provider (MESP) with a commitment to premium quality, participant-centered, active learning experiences at its core. MDI.TOKYO is not competing with traditional business schools: Our mix of products, services and the customer experience are all carefully designed to address the needs of the busy professional who currently will not – or cannot – consume existing management education offerings due to issues of quality and/or time required away from work or family to complete a program of study. To help ensure a high quality customer and brand experience, our premium offerings are deliberately narrow in scope and targeted to personas that meet or exceed our criteria for success.

We “ensure brand purity and relevance globally across genders and generations” by consistently delivering transformative learning experiences to professionals who have a passion for learning socially and who aspire to leverage knowledge and networks to create new value and advance in their careers.

Through our innovative offerings and progressive Culture, we seek to create value and make an impact by helping professionals to achieve the best versions of their professional selves.

Our Programs & Courses have been designed with strategic learning goals focused on acquiring knowledge of Innovation, EntrepreneurshipNegotiation, or Cross-Cultural Management (varies depending on Program or Course), with practical learning objectives focused on acquiring the following skills: Critical Thinking, Communications, Leadership, Team Work (Collaboration), and Ethical Reasoning.

All of our offerings are grounded in the Science of Learning and feature premium contents found in the repository at Harvard Business School Publishing, access to a Learning Management System, face-to-face learning sessions, and a manageable study pace that allows time for reflection and personal & professional development while preserving a work-life balance.

Companies that want to upgrade the value creation capabilities of their employees, are encouraged to Contact Us to discuss Talent Development Network-Private Reserve Tracks.

Self-sponsored individuals are also most welcome to create Groups and apply to Powered By MDI.TOKYO-Group Tracks. Please click here for details on how to get started.

 Founder Bio

Sean M. Hackett, Ph.D.
Founder & Lead Experience Designer
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MDI.TOKYO launched in beta in 2017, and is led by Sean M. Hackett, Ph.D.

Dr. Hackett began his teaching career in higher education at Vanderbilt University in 2001. His teaching and research interests are at the intersection of cross-cultural management, innovation, negotiation, and entrepreneurship with a focus on how digitalization transforms existing businesses and makes new businesses possible.

Dr. Hackett holds a Ph.D. in Management of Technology from Vanderbilt University. Further details can be found on his LinkedIn Profile.

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