If you are concerned about your organization’s innovation and entrepreneurial management capabilities, then you should join this network.

And, if you understand the importance of aligning your talent and your workplace with the future of learning and work, then you really should join this network.

Every May we plan to gather and discuss ways to improve member organizations’ through talent management improvements. Members propose improvements in the May Meeting and report (pecha kucha-style) results in October.

Build. Measure. Learn.

The operating language of the meetings is English. People can, of course, chat in Japanese, but using English to propose improvements and present results frees members to think, be, and take action in more creative ways.

Access to Private Reserve Tracks for High Potential Talent

Members get preferred, curated access to MDI.TOKYO Programs, enabling them to reserve seats for their High Potential talents at the Early and Mid Career stages.

The 9 box grid below below helps you map your talent to current MDI.TOKYO Programs.

The 9 box grid above is a tool often used by HR departments to measure an employee’s current performance and future potential. It is especially useful for management succession planning. On this page we have mapped MDI.TOKYO’s Programs to the 9 box grid to indicate what types of employees are best suited to each Program.

When you join our network, you will receive our brief annual questionnaire which helps you to decide and communicate your organization’s interest in our Programs. Once we have measured interest across the network, we let you know which Programs will be offered, and we give you a link where you can let us know, tentatively, how many Participants from your organization will join.

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This is a program for people (expats in Japan/Japanese preparing to manage overseas) who need to get things done through multicultural teams.

This is a program for students who may want to work in Japan or with Japanese teams one day.

An alternative to Pre-MBA programs, Young Leaders Development Program (YLDP) is a one year Program for prospective applicants to global top 30 MBA Programs. This Program can help HR identify the most suitable employees for an overseas MBA Program.

A program for people who want to develop an entrepreneurial mindset while reviewing the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship.

An alternative to part-time MBA Programs, the Building Successful Organizations Program (BSOP) is a One Year (10 Session) Program designed to help busy professionals acquire the mindset – and the bias toward action – of a General Manager.

This Course introduces participants to the fundamentals of designing and developing innovative products.

This Course introduces participants to the fundamentals of negotiation.

This Course introduces participants to the challenges managers face when they want to convert opportunities into value-creating organizations.