Developing professionals who manage, negotiate, innovate, lead and inspire

MDI.TOKYO designs and delivers premium, high-impact learning experiences for professionals with 1) a passion for learning and 2) a deep interest in adding to their leadership toolkit while 3) expanding their network.

Innovative Admissions Approaches

coupled with modern, digital marketing and branding techniques, help MDI.TOKYO to admit highly-qualified, diverse Individuals, Learning Teams, and Section Cohorts.

Transformative Learning Experiences

enable you to acquire the knowledge, skills and network you need to lead your organization to new levels of growth while enhancing your career prospects.

Alumni Network

united by shared experiences and values, helps you identify and create opportunities after you complete your Program or Course.

"The best bits of business school, optimized for lifelong learning."

Our Value Proposition

At MDI.TOKYO, we design premium learning experiences that help you create new value and advance in your career.

We take the best practices of top business schools from around the world and repurpose them for busy professionals who share our values and a passion for lifelong learning.

Our focus is Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Negotiation. This focus helps you to acquire the skills you need to drive processes related to new value creation and growth in your organization. And, this focus helps MDI.TOKYO deliver learning experiences that delight professionals.

MDI.TOKYO is a Management Education Services Provider (MESP).

Many traditional business schools are built on how and what professors want to research and teach…. But, the world of work has changed, and business education needs to change with it.

At MDI.TOKYO, we have designed our Programs & Courses in ways that reflect how 1) Professionals want to Learn (actively, socially, with participant-centered designs) and 2) what Skills Employers want to hire: Critical Thinking, Communication, LeadershipTeam Work, and Ethical Reasoning.

We cater to professionals who are motivated to learn deeply and create new value for themselves, their fellow learners, their employers and society.

Our Platform

Transformation of Management Education: Our Strategy

Consistent with the 50+20 Agenda we embrace a vision for the transformation of management education.

Central to this agenda is a shift from educating people with the goal of “being the best in the world,to  educating people who “create businesses that are designed and led to achieve the best for the world.”

As an endorser of the Responsible Research in Business & Management (RRBM) position paper, we believe that research-led teaching should be rooted in research that is useful and credible and which “addresses problems important to business and society.”

Additionally, we are innovating the management education space in the following ways:

01. Offering: Our mix of products, services and the customer experience are carefully designed to address the needs of the busy professional who currently will not – or cannot – consume existing management education offerings due to issues of quality and/or time required away from work or family to complete a degree. To help ensure a high quality customer and brand experience, our premium offerings are deliberately narrow in scope, delivered in face-to-face settings, and targeted to personas that meet or exceed our criteria for success. We focus on helping learners enjoy meaningful learning experiences while acquiring business skills and knowledge. We remain committed to never embracing the factory model of education that discourages so many learners around the world.

02. Business Model: We have a low fixed costs business model that leverages digital technology, automated workflows, negative cash conversion cycles, and leased infrastructure. Our campus can change size and location based on demand, and most of our reading materials are in the cloud where our learners can access them with their connected devices.

03. Revenue Model: Our primary revenue source comes from fees charged for our Programs & Courses, including our Talent Development Network – Private Reserve Tracks (admissions function is performed by Talent Development Network members who are sponsoring their employees’ participation) and our Powered by MDI.TOKYO – Group Tracks (admissions function is performed by the Community Organizer who is organizing the track). Additional revenue may come from advertising (sponsorships and naming rights). We employ state of the art online billing and invoicing systems to help manage financial risk while delivering value-added convenience to our self-sponsored customers.

At MDI.TOKYO, we are re-imagining business education for the 21st century.

We maintain a bespoke portfolio of Programs & Courses, crafted with premium contents and grounded in the science of learning.

When we bring on new Instructors, they must adopt our pedagogical methods, and demonstrate both professional teaching competencies and rigorous thought leadership.

In principle, we do not give grades. Instead we focus on tight, clearly specified learning processes and giving meaningful feedback both of which help you learn and move toward your goal of achieving the best version of your professional self.

Did you know that some top tier MBA Programs have a policy of not disclosing GPAs to employers?

This policy – particularly when coupled with the enlightened choice to not grade students on a curve – enables students to take courses outside their comfort zone without worrying about the potential impact on their GPA.

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