“Culture eats strategy for breakfast!” – Peter Drucker

What Peter Drucker meant was that if you do not get your Organizational Culture right, nothing else matters because a bad culture will subvert all your action plans. As your employees become increasingly disengaged, performance and morale will both suffer.

We are committed to building and modeling an intentional Culture that is well-suited to 21st century global organizational success. Why? Organizations with a strong Culture achieve better results and enjoy better Employer Branding.

"Organizational Culture affects and regulates the way members of the organization think, feel and act within the framework of that organization. Culture is the result of common learning experiences. Because culture forms the basis of group identity and shared thought, belief, and feeling, one of the most decisive and important functions of leaders - particularly founders of a company - is the creation and management of its culture." - Prof. Clayton M. Christensen

Our Culture

… is rooted in a passion for leveraging social learning and networks to create value.

We Solve for Learners and their Employers.

In shaping our Culture, we draw inspiration from the organizational cultures of companies innovating the future of work including Automattic, BetterWorksBridgewater, Buffer, CultureAmpEverlaneGoogle, HubSpot, HumuIDEO, Mammoth HR, NextJumpWarby Parker, and Valve.

Our decisions are evaluated through the following lenses:
Culture, Values, Brand, Vision, Mission, Strategy, and Outcomes.

Our Values

… reflect our Culture. They represent intentional choices about who we are, how we think, feel and act, and who we want to become. Our Values shape us and our stakeholders in distinctive ways, just as different choice sets of values shape other companies in distinctive ways. These are the Values we hold dear:

01. Challenge the Status Quo

We endeavor to reimagine, redefine and reboot organizational cultures, value creation approaches and workflows in Japan and around the world.

02. Collaborate & Communicate

We collaborate and communicate effectively across cultures with precision, authenticity, and self-awareness.

03. Operate with Integrity

We work with humble confidence, moral courage, and integrity. We operate with respect for ourselves and for others, and with an obligation to strive to protect the dignity of our selves and others.

04. Think & Act with Purpose & Impact

We find our Purpose, and we work mindfully to make a positive Impact on the world around us.

05. Prototype Ideas

We generate, adapt, prototype, test and experiment with new ideas frequently.

06. Seek Feedback

We seek feedback on our ideas early and often from inside and outside the “building.”

07. Embrace Global Diversity & Inclusion

We embrace global diversity in all its forms and leverage inclusion strategically in order to imbue our ideas with true customer centricity.

08. Engage in Lifelong Learning

We accept the personal responsibility of lifelong learning as essential for personal, professional and organizational development.

Our Brand

Launching in beta in 2017, MDI.TOKYO is the quintessential post-modern management education services provider (MESP) with a commitment to premium quality, participant-centered, active learning experiences at its core.

We “ensure brand purity and relevance globally across genders and generations” by consistently delivering transformative learning experiences to professionals who have a passion for learning socially and who aspire to leverage knowledge and networks to create new value and advance in their careers.

Our brand experience reflects our Values and our Culture.


A brand is “the intangible sum of a product’s attributes: its name, packaging, and price, its history, its reputation, and the way it’s advertised.”

-David Ogilvy

Our Brand Promise

A commitment to all of our stakeholders

“MDI.TOKYO designs and delivers premium learning experiences for professionals in Tokyo.”

Our Core Brand Identity

How we want to be experienced by all of our stakeholders




Our Brand Experience

“brand experience is conceptualized as sensations, feelings, cognitions, and behavioral responses evoked by brand-related stimuli.”
– Brakus, Schmitt, & Zarantonello

At MDI.TOKYO we have worked very hard and very mindfully to develop a rich brand experience for our stakeholders. Below, our brand benefit ladder shows how our service features are layered to deliver a complete brand experience.

Our Brand Benefit Ladder reflects the work of American author and poet Maya Angelou and branding visionary David Aaker:

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

– Maya Angelou

A brand vision should attempt to go beyond functional benefits to consider organizational values; a higher purpose; brand personality; and emotional, social, and self-expressive benefits.

– David A. Aaker

Brand Benefit Ladder Key

The bullet points below correspond to the rungs of the ladder in the picture above:

  • Self-expressive benefits derived from participating in MDI.TOKYO Programs and Courses are characterized in the following statement: “When I join an MDI.TOKYO Program or Course or buy a branded product, I am happy and energized.”
  • Societal benefits derived from participating in MDI.TOKYO Programs and Courses are characterized in the following statement: “When I complete an MDI.TOKYO Program or Course, I am better able to contribute to my organization and to society with improved management and leadership skills.”
  • Social benefits derived from participating in MDI.TOKYO Programs and Courses are characterized in the following statement: “When I join an MDI.TOKYO Program or Course, the people I relate to are collaborative and successful.”
  • The following emotional benefits result from functional benefits: Feelings of sophistication, indulgent satisfaction, connectedness, being valued, adventurousness, and confidence.
  • The following functional benefits result from the above-mentioned attributes: transformative learning experiences, better learning outcomes, emergent community membership, and fun. Additionally, participants are positioned to use newly acquired skills, knowledge, capabilities and networks to advance in their careers and/or in their ability to contribute to their organizations and society.
  • MDI.TOKYO offers the following technical attributes: Superior Program and Course design, manageable learning pace promoting deep learning, premium contents, access to open-source Learning Management System (LMS), superior marketing and innovative applicant recruiting and selection processes, a third place between home and work, Learning Teams, Selected Cohorts, and Dining B4 Learning (limited to Programs).

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