“As disruptors (professionals working in technology-driven innovation & entrepreneurship and business owners) we know how important innovation and growth are. What we need is the mindset – and the bias toward action – of a General Manager”

What makes the Disruptors Section Cohort of the Building Successful Organizations Program (BSOP) at MDI.TOKYO one of the best learning and development opportunities in Japan? “There is really no magic about it – we just designed the program with a deep sense of empathy for busy, demanding professionals,” says the Program Director.

01. An Alternative to Part-Time MBA Programs

BSOP is a One Year (10 Session) Learning & Development program designed specifically for busy Professionals who want to experience the “best bits of business school” without disrupting their work-life balance.

02. The Skills and Mindset of a General Manager

When you gain the perspective — and the bias toward action — of the General Manager with regard to managing innovation and growth, you are positioned to help build the foundation of long-term success for any organization.

03. Comfortable Section Cohort-Size

The targeted size of each Section Cohort is a comfortable 45 professionals, enabling you to develop close friendships while optimizing the class size for high quality interactions and social learning experiences.

04. Team-Based Admissions – Assemble Your Own Learning Team!

With team-based admissions, you get to decide the members of your Learning Team. Before each Learning Session. you and your team will read a Case Study, analyze it, and write a 2-3 page Case Analysis Memo.

05. Modular Curriculum

BSOP features three modules: Disruption (4 Learning Sessions), Managing Barriers to Innovation (3 Learning Sessions), and Creating a Growth Business (3 Learning Sessions).

06. Premium Contents Included

All cases and supplemental readings are included as part of the Program fee. The majority of the readings come from the digital repository at Harvard Business School Publishing so they will be made available to the Participants online.

07. Participant-Centered Learning Designs

Program design incorporates the Science of Learning — including the use of participant-centered learning techniques and after action reports — to maximize learning outcomes while enhancing your critical thinking skills.

08. Supported by a World Class Learning Management System (LMS)

Every Program Participant is granted access to a modern, open-source, Learning Management System provided by Instructure, a publicly-traded U.S. company.

09. Dining Before Learning

Dinner (or for a few Section Cohorts, Lunch) is served prior to each Learning Session. All meals are included in the Program Fee. At MDI.TOKYO we believe that dining before learning is a more is a more civilized way to learn.

10. Manageable Learning Pace

The “Work-Friendly” Program Design  – 10 Learning Sessions spread out over one year – accommodates busy professionals while enabling significant learning opportunities to occur between each Learning Session. For example, some Participants may reflect and write in their Learning Journal after a Learning Session, others may deeply engage their supplemental readings, still others may apply and test what they have learned. Finally, some Learning Teams may choose to meet independently each bye week so they can discuss and learn together.

11. Convenient Location

BSOP Learning Sessions are held in the evening (most Section Cohorts) in central Tokyo, making it easy for you to make the most of the world’s most livable city and the capital of the world’s third largest economy.

12. Expanded Professional Network

In addition to the friendships you forge within your cohort, completion of the BSOP earns you a place in the MDI.TOKYO’s alumni network, a group of people with shared experiences and similar values.

13. Newfound Confidence

As you acquire an improved self-awareness and a deeper understanding of the requirements for building a successful organization, you develop the confidence that is essential for gaining the consensus required to implement new business initiatives.

14. Communication Skills

In addition to writing a Case Analysis Memo before the Learning Sessions, at least once, you and your Learning Team will take 20 minutes to present your analysis to the entire Section Cohort during a Learning Session. Other times, your Learning Team and others will surface strengths and weaknesses in the presenting team’s analysis through a civil, but occasionally aggressive, Q&A session. (The instructor gently nudges and guides the Q&A to ensure that the learning goals for the session are achieved).

15. Team Work Skills

The Program runs on Learning Teams. As you reflect on how you work with the members of your Team and your Section Cohort, your performance improves and you develop insights on how to better manage teams and team performance within your organization.

16. Critical Thinking Skills

After each Case Analysis discussion, consistent with the Science of Learning, each Learning Team writes an After Action Report. These brief memos induce reflection, deepening your understanding of key takeaways, as well as assumptions that sharpened – or blurred – your initial analysis.

17. Leadership Skills

Whether you are working with your Learning Team members, or interacting with your Section Cohort, you will find ample opportunities to help set direction, manage team and cohort performance, and develop & influence others. These skills are the hallmarks of a leader.

18. Ethical Reasoning Skills

Consistently using ethical reasoning frameworks while analyzing cases and formulating strategic options and recommendations enables participants to build the perspective required to consistently align their business decision-making with stakeholder interests, contributing to their organizations — and society — in ethically positive ways.

19. Strategic Thinking Skills

As you acquire new frameworks for understanding how businesses generate value in competitive environments, your improved strategic thinking and decision-making skills will enable you to better shape the future of your organization by connecting strategy to execution.

PROGRAM FEE: 500,000 JPY + 8% tax (per Participant)

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I took 3 courses with Prof. Hackett in the fields of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The courses helped me to understand diverse industries and gave me the opportunity to practice and develop thought processes in strategic situations.

I was able to apply that knowledge and experience in my post- merger integration work, including when I had to make recommendations to executive leadership.

The courses I took with Prof. Hackett laid the foundation of who I am as a business professional, and they are the ones that I remember the best from my time as an MBA student.

– Corina Stan, MBA.

Upon completing BSOP, participants will have improved management and leadership skills, and an innovation and growth mindset that prepares them to build successful organizations from the perspective of a General Manager.