People who are passionate about learning should attend MDI.TOKYO Programs and Courses.

General Criteria for Admission to Programs & Courses

MDI.TOKYO seeks to admit a diverse group of talented Learners who have

  1. a passion for lifelong learning;
  2. a deep interest in adding to their leadership toolkit; and
  3. a desire to expand their network, so they can
  4. leverage new knowledge and networks to create new value for their organization and for society, and
  5. advance in their careers.

Applicants who possess the following qualities are likely to get the most benefit from our Programs & Courses:

+ a willingness to prepare for and attend each Learning Session;

+ a willingness to participate enthusiastically in English during each Learning Session; and

+ a willingness to commit to the success of their Learning Team and their Section Cohort.

MDI.TOKYO does not require GMAT scores.

MDI.TOKYO does not require academic transcripts.

Mapping Participants to MDI.TOKYO Programs

In the 9 box Performance x Potential grid above we have mapped MDI.TOKYO’s Programs to the relevant boxes indicating which types of participants are best suited to each Program.

Note: The 9 box grid above is a tool often used by HR departments in global companies to measure an employee’s current performance and future potential. This framework is especially useful for management succession planning.

Two Admissions Pathways

Most of our offerings have two admissions pathways:

Talent Development Network members with HR or L&D responsibilities can reserve seats for their employees to attend Weeknight Sessions (Monthly Format) in a Talent Development Network – Private Reserve Track, or you can have MDI.TOKYO Programs delivered on your company premises. When delivered on your premises, Programs can be delivered in the afternoons or evenings depending on capacity. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Community Organizers who are interested in having MDI.TOKYO deliver Programs to their group (e.g. Chambers of Commerce, networking groups, alumni groups, etc). can reserve a Powered by MDI.TOKYO – Group Track. With a Group Track, the Community Organizer is in charge of admissions (but MDI.TOKYO is happy to offer advice). Contact us to discuss your needs and reserve a Group Track.

If you are an individual interested in participating in an MDI.TOKYO Program, please ask your colleagues in HR or your boss (if he or she has L&D responsibilities) to reserve a seat for you. If your company will not sponsor you, please consider becoming a Community Organizer and reserving a Group Track.

Key Program & Course Reservation Deadlines


Reservation Deadline for Launching New Ventures:

April Starts:
January 31st

September Starts:
June 30th


Reservation/Application Deadline for Young Leaders Development Program:

February 28th


Reservation Deadline for

Building Successful Organizations Program:

January 31st


Reservation Deadline for Innovation Course:

January 31st


Reservation Deadline for Negotiation Course:

May 30th

 (Off Cycle Workshops Also Available – Contact Us for Details)


Reservation Deadline for Entrepreneurship Course:

June 30th